Al Hilal is preparing to contact former hoping to win Messi.

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French media sports reports that Al Hilal is preparing to contact former and current team-mates of Lionel Messi to attend the event.

Al Hilal has been linked with an ongoing interest in the 35-year-old. And has made a wage bid of over €400m for the Argentina international.

Recently, French journalist Mohamed Buhafzi reported that. Al Hilal prepared a plan to convince Messi by contacting former two Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. Teammates in the Barcelona army to move to play in the Saudi Arabian league.

The report also states Al-Hilal has made an offer to PSG team-mate Marco Verratti. After the Italian star player was ready to move at the end of the season UFABET

A journalist from France further reveals that. The famous Saudi team has prepared various plans. Taking the case of pulling Messi’s past and present team-mates is another avenue. That Al Hilal hopes will be a factor in getting the 35-year-old forward to negotiate.

However, Messi is waiting to decide his future after this season. The European media also sees that there is a possibility of either returning to Barcelona or moving to play in Asia.

However, if Messi accepts Al Hilal’s offer, it will also break the record of 200 million euros per year highest paid by Cristiano Ronaldo at Al Nasser.

It is also reported by Romano that Messi wants to continue playing in Europe. They are still happy with football life in Paris.