Andy Robertson pointed out that Liverpool were only happy with the three points.

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Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson insists the team are just happy with the three points. After the raid to beat Newcastle 1-0 from Naby Keita’s winning goal.

The Scotland international left-back said: “Newcastle is working very hard, they are in great form, they are in the top 10 so we know it will be difficult. Fortunately we scored. And I don’t think they had that many chances after that. We have the opportunity to close the game. But we are just happy with the three points.”

“Shoelinton caused us a couple of problems early in the game. but in the second half I think everyone handled him brilliantly. They UFABET started better than us. But we can establish we can score And we did a little bit better after that.”

“They don’t have many chances. I think the two centre-backs and Joe Gomez make the difference. We are lucky everyone is fit now except Bobby (Firmino). Today we had five changes but everyone came in with great form. We need that between now and the end of the season.”

Asked about overtaking Manchester City for a temporary lead. Andy Robertson replied: “We’ll see how long it will last. But we just have to win our own game.”