Jesse Marsh was pleased with Leeds’ form as he didn’t deserve to lose at home.

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Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh has revealed he loves the team. And very satisfied with the form of football play. Ready to point out that their team does not deserve to lose to Manchester City 4-0 at all.

“Right now our hearts and minds are at Stewart Dallas. It looks like the knee injury is not good at all. We hope he’s okay.”

“The result was worse than we had hoped. But if you look at that form, it’s even better.”

“We play with confidence. It doesn’t feel like a 4-0 loss at all.”

“We have momentum. and control their movement It was disappointing with a big defeat but the fans and the way they reacted after the game reflected their performance well.”

“I’m not being sarcastic when I say that the best teams meet the best clubs.UFABET I’ve never seen a fan who loves their club so deeply. I can feel it on the road, on the pitch, we are doing everything we can to make sure we stay in this league. We are in the fight but we are ready for it.”

“Liam Cooper’s pre-match injury caused a slight change in plans. But we can adjust quickly. It’s not okay to lose your captain before a game like this. We hope he returns next week. There was something on his knee.”

“I love this team, I love these people. They give everything every day. That makes me more optimistic about our opportunities. We try to focus on ourselves. And we can manage.”

“You have seen the potential they have. They don’t take many opportunities to manipulate you.”Jesse Marsh said.