Mike Jackson talks about Burnley and can change the game.

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Burnley manager Mike Jackson insists his team are confident they can make a comeback. After scoring twice in the late football game in a 2-1 win over Watford that led to the relegation much better.

Ever since Jackson was push up from the U-23 team to replace Sean Dyche. Who was temporarily sack. He came to the team with 3 wins and 1 draw from 4 games Burnley.

“We are satisfied with the result. and form in the second half In the first half we weren’t where we needed to be, we knew at 1-0 the fans were going to be upset. UFABET And if we focus on it and have more ball possession We have a good chance of getting back into the game.” Mike Jackson said.

“I don’t think we started the game well enough. When we started we didn’t reach the level we’ve achieved recently. We improved on the quality with the ball. In this part of the season you just have to find a way to win.”

“These games are full of emotions at stake. Got to give them credit for figuring out how to win the game.”

“We just reminded who they were. There was a lot of good work in the past. So for me it was a reminder of who they returned. and making sure they meet the standards they can.”

“When I got on the train and maybe drink a glass of wine I might take a breather and enjoy it.”