The benefits of eating enough vegetables.

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We all know how important “vegetables” are to our bodies. In addition to being one of the foods that we need to eat all 5 groups in each meal.

  1. Eating enough fruits and vegetables It can help prevent many diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, but if you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. We will not be able to fully benefit that we can’t eat. and may not affect or as effective in preventing disease as it should be UFABET
  2. besides mineral salt and vitamins. Vegetables also contain chemicals called “Phra-chemicals”. These substances have different properties that are good for the body depending on the color. Therefore, eating vegetables of various colors Or what we call “vegetables of 5 colors” will help add more nutrients that are good for the body.

Fresh VS Cooked Vegetables.

We can eat in all forms. Whether it’s washed and cut and eaten fresh. Cooked through hot water, baked, steamed, boiled, fried, curry, fried. Depending on what we like. But there may be a few precautions. For example, fresh may be more susceptible to pesticide residues than cooked. Ripe roots may run the risk of losing vitamins. Such as B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium from heat treatment.

In addition, kidney disease patients must be careful when eating that contain a lot of potassium. Such as dark such as kale, broccoli, spinach, etc. But if you really want to eat them. You can reduce your potassium intake by rinsing with plenty of water. Before bringing to a boil until cooked and choose to eat only boiled do not eat.