Everton 2-0 Liverpool: Collected points after the Premier League game

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Everton 2-0 Liverpool: Collected points after the Premier League game, the Reds lost, likely to miss out on the championship.

  • Everton surprised their home rivals Liverpool with a score of 2-0.
  • The Reds are already 3 points clear of Arsenal with 4 games left to play this season.
  • Side: Blue Toffee They also have a high chance of avoiding relegation due to their excellent performance in the latter period.

Control the game without having to control the ball.

Although in this game Liverpool will have more control of the ball. Find more opportunities to score goals. But I must say that today Everton came to play 100% according to plan until they won. Both the tough defensive play without errors and the decisive set play that was the source of the two goals in this game. He also controlled the defensive zone so firmly that the Reds’ offensive game was difficult to penetrate. and only let it knock back and forth from side to side. Until finally finishing with 3 valuable points for the home team.

“Merseaside East Blue”

Victory in this game marks the first time Everton have defeated Liverpool at home in more than 13 years, after they last did it back in 2010 with the same score at 2-0 thanks to a goal. Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta, the only player remaining in this team is Seamus Coleman, who made an assist for the team in that game. as well

The Reds are out of ideas.

In this game, no matter how hard Liverpool tries, it seems like things will not go to their liking at all, including the chance to shoot that there were many times. But the majority of the fishing bird shot went to save Pickford. Including fixing today’s game, the substitutes that were sent were only Harvey Elliott, the only one who was a natural attacker, while the others were all receivers, including Endo, Kwansah, and Simi. Cass Gomez, who is not sure.

What Klopp was thinking, with Bobby Clarke, Jayden Danns and Ryan Gravenburch all on the bench as substitutes. It hardly helps the game look better, it’s even worse. That is why it seems that in the latter period many teams are beginning to find their way and the Reds themselves have no new ideas to act when the team needs a turning point, until they end up tripping over their own feet at the most important moment.

Can you still win the championship?

Everton’s 3 points in this game makes them currently 8 points away from the danger zone after the 34th game, which means that their ยูฟ่าเบท chances of avoiding relegation are starting to brighten. But on the Liverpool side, having the same 74 points means that they will be 3 points ahead of Arsenal, with the Gunners 15 points better. Even if Arteta’s team stumbles for one match, it will still be difficult for the Swans. The Reds will be able to overtake them in the remaining 4 games. This doesn’t count Manchester City, who are behind them by one point but have played 2 games less. Therefore, if you want to answer whether there is still a chance to compete for the championship, there is for sure! But… you probably have to rely on a lot of miracles.