Short hair can be tied Ideas for tying your hair in a bun For girls with short hair Change your short hair so it’s not boring.

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When you cut your hair short for a long time, I believe that many girls may feel bored. For this reason, has collected ideas to change a short, boring hairstyle into something chic in the blink of an eye using simple styling methods. that guarantees that the girls You can definitely follow along.

Mini Half Bun

A half-up mini bun is a must. with a small hair bun When finished, pull your hair so it’s a little messy. It looks like an unintentional shape. But it’s very chic after doing it.  Report by สมัคร ufabet

Layered Tail

The last style is a style that adds a chic gimmick. Give it to the hair by creating layers, such as tying the hair low and twisting it once or tying it low but keeping the ends of the hair tucked in. Or it will be a braided style. All of these hairstyles make the hair look more voluminous, puffy, thick and very suitable for people who are too lazy to wash their hair. This style keeps all the oiliness intact. So cool.

Pony Tail

A low bun is a must. Actually, it’s a simple style that anyone can do, but this style has a little trick. In order to get a beautiful bundle, You should mix your hair before tying it. You have to make the hair a little messy first and then tie it to get a beautiful shape. I’m not too lean.

Baby Braids

For any girls who have short hair but want to braid it. We would like to introduce you to ‘Baby Braids’ or tiny braids on the side of the face. This adds a gimmick to an ordinary short hairstyle. Looks more chic.

Claw Clip

It is another trend that girls with short hair can do. Claw Clip is a very chic hair clip that has become a popular item. It adds a playful touch to short hairstyles by holding the hair halfway with a hair clip. Which can be said that it is a hairstyle that is suitable for casual days. very much